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*Food & Drink and Dessert of the day are all included!!!
Sushi Class
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*Food & Drink and Dessert of the day are all included!!!
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Japanese Cooking Class


Class Name Date/Time/Availability Fee Menu of the day

School holiday Special
Icing cookie decoration
Workshop for Begginers


21-April-19 (Sunday)
all age

“Icing cookie” decoration is very popular in Japan. 
It opens up your inner artist talent as you focus on drawing on cookies. It is not only fun but also yummy to eat! 

I will invite Aya – Japanese icing cookie instructor to show you how to decorate lovely icing cookies.


What you learn?

Learn piping technique
Practice drawing and filling with sugar paste
Make your own design and decorating 
Fully hands on with assist from Aya
Decorating 3 to 4 cookies
(No baking)


Special Offer!

Japanese lunch is provided for break during class

See more informaion about this course









Class Name Date/Time/Availability Fee Menu of the day

Japanese Street Food

Okonomiyaki & Negiyaki



19-May-19 (Sunday)



Japanese Savory Pancake with cabbage, egg, pork slice, squid and prawns!


Simple okonomiyaki with spring onion.


What you learn ?

Okonomiyaki’s ingredients and where to buy.

How to make soft and tasty okonomiyaki & negi yaki at home.









Class Name Date/Time/Availability Fee Menu of the day

Super Healthy Dish

Foiled Fish, Spinach Sesame & Azuki Rice



02-June-19 (Sunday)


“Foiled Fish” 
Simple way to cook fish & vege in sealed baking paper with beutiful Japanese miso paste mix.

“Goma ae”
This is traditional side dish known as ” Goma ae” with Spinach with Sesame sauce.

“Azuki Gohan”
“Seki han” or “Azuki gohan” is normally made at special ocation to celebrate or wish for health.


 What you learn?

Choosing right fish & vege 
Leaning how to make miso paste mix for foiled fish  and sesame sauce for side dish
Easy step to cook Azuki gohan







Cooking Class closed from July 2019 



Class Name Date/Time/Availability Fee Menu of the day








*Schedule will be updated every 2 months.


Would you like to learn other dish as well?

You can check “Cooking Class List” to choose and request any dish you like to learn!

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Takako was born and raised up in Shimonoseki, Japan. Her mother was running a casual Japanese restaurant known as “IZAKAYA” for 15 years in the town. Takako used to help her at the restaurant since she was young and learnt how to cook home-style Japanese food. She loves to cook, eat & have home parties for family& friends. Her purpose in this class is to teach how to cook popular Japanese home-made dishes. She has variety of recipe to share with you. Your will be amazed how easily you can cook delicious food at home. Let’s enjoy cooking together!!